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Fixed the link in the last post!

Should be working now…

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The end of 2009

You say you want to see Noa dressed up for Halloween and galavanting around Chicago?  You’re in the right blog:

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More photos from the summer!

Including the another trip up to Seattle, more water fun, and more cousins!

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Summer of 2009, Part 1

Here’s a smattering of photos from the summer, with more coming soon!

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Noa turned one!

And we had a little party with some of her friends in Los Angeles.  A veritable baby-palooza.  Mici was in heaven.

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Some photos from Passover

We spent most of time chasing newly crawling Noa around and visiting family and friends, but we did get some photos…

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Debbie’s photo shoot pt 2

We had a great time at Noa’s birthday party, but these photos are not from it!  Those are still processing.   In the meantime, how about another installment of famliy photos around our house, and occasionally on the neighbors’ lawn.  There may be a duplicate or two, and possibly the same photo in B&W as in color.

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Photo shoot!

Our friend Debbie came back over to take some pictures and just like last time, they turned out beautiful!  Here’s the first installment:

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Some more photos from 2009!

There are even more pics I’ve yet to get into the camera – Passover and visiting Auntie Erica and others, but here’s a bunch with Noa having a great time with her friend Mici, and visiting her Great Aunt Anne in Palm Springs!

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Whole bunch of new photos!

And I plan on getting some new videos up soon!

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