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Finally unloaded some pics from one of the cameras

These span from just before Thanksgiving to this morning!

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Also! New movie!

Unfortunately, we think Noa had an upset tummy from the biscuits, but she sure enjoys eating them!

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Winter trip to Seattle

Monica and Noa headed up to Seattle and Michael joined a few days later.  Lots of Christmas photos, a couple Chanukah, and some food-based hilarity:

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Thanksgiving photos!

We had most of Michael’s nuclear family here for thanksgiving…  Some photos from his camera:

and some from Seth’s!

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More Halloween! More Election Day! Also! The Swansons return!

Some more pictures from October and November, including a visit from Grammy and Poppa.

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A few pictures from Halloween…

And as a bonus, some photos of Noa having some tummy time with her good buddy Mici.

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A few more pics from the visit!

I’ve added five more to the album…

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Some visitors this weekend!

Michael’s friend Troy came by for lunch, and Brian, in from Brooklyn the next day for a little grillout.  You can also see the mobile that Noa’s Great-Grandma Alice gave her.  Now that she sleeps in the crib, she spends a lot of time watching it go ’round and ’round….

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A few more photos from the Zurers’ visit.

These off my old reliable point and shoot, and include some that feature Bobbe’s quilt!

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The Zurers come for another visit!

Bobbe and Nonno came for a quick weekend!  There was much ooh and aahing, with Noa getting into the act – She’s starting to coo quite a bitl.  We’re all fans.  And Monica and Mike acquired the Swanson’s old digital camera, which has some quirks, but takes some nice photos:

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