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Great-Grandma Alice and Great-Aunt Judy come for a visit!

And here’s most of the photos I took, but I will add a few more over the next few days!

Everyone had a very good time visiting and enjoying the California sunshine!

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Monica and Noa ride again!

Monica and Noa went to Seattle to visit Noa’s new cousin Ainsley!  Noa got to meet her great-grandpa and spend more time with her Aunt Erica who was also visiting.

Michael didn’t get to go, but there are a couple pics of him taking Noa out on a walk.

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Name that body part!

Some people were having trouble seeing the face in the last photo so I have made an annotated version.

We’ve been recently having a lot of fun poking around and trying to figure out what part of the baby we’re feeling from the outside of Monica’s belly. Rump? Head? Did I just push down on her nose? Hard to say.

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Another photo from the inside

We’re just back from Jonathan and Lisa’s wedding in DC – We’ll have some pictures of Monica’s belly, all dressed up, soon. Meanwhile, here’s another one of the little girl… She’s kicking less and just sort of pushing these days. She’s moving along just fine, weighing about 3 pounds now. Monica is a little scared because Michael weighed almost nine at birth.

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Another ultrasound

This one from 15 weeks – Little bugger seems to be upside down.  When we get the next picture we may be finding out the gender!

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High Resolution Ultrasound

At about 13 weeks there is a high resolution ultrasound to screen for chromosomal abnormalities.  We had that done before we left for our trip to Belize with the Swansons.  Everything came back all clear, which is great, and we also got a dvd of the sonogram!  I’ve linked to a little excerpt below – I think there is sneezing going on.  Could have gotten that from either of us.

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Not spawn

No baby news for a week or so to come, so here’s this instead:  Yesterday was Monica’s birthday and she wanted rhubarb pie just like she used to have in Seattle.

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Baby pictures!

click for larger size

From our second visit to the OB last week. At that point it was about 2 centimeters long, and between ten and a half and eleven and half weeks along, depending on if you count by date of conception or by size.

We knew almost immediately that Monica was pregnant so for almost two month she’s been begging off drinks and making up medications that interfere with alchohol. At least one of our friends wasn’t fooled.

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