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Monica’s favorite activity

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High Resolution Ultrasound

At about 13 weeks there is a high resolution ultrasound to screen for chromosomal abnormalities.  We had that done before we left for our trip to Belize with the Swansons.  Everything came back all clear, which is great, and we also got a dvd of the sonogram!  I’ve linked to a little excerpt below – I think there is sneezing going on.  Could have gotten that from either of us.

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Also not our baby

One of the interesting (and typical I am to understand) things about the pregnancy is how Monica’s senses have heightened and certain things that she once enjoyed inpire reactions from indifference to disgust.  Once upon a time she loved yams.  Not so much anymore.  I never liked them.

We went to have a high-resolution ultrasound today so they could screen for chromosomal abnormalities.  We won’t know anything for a week or so, but everything seemed to imply normal measurements.  We also got to see the little guy squirming around, and what appeared to be scratching and sneezing!  Pretty neat.  I’ll have a picture or two up later.

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Not spawn

No baby news for a week or so to come, so here’s this instead:  Yesterday was Monica’s birthday and she wanted rhubarb pie just like she used to have in Seattle.

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Baby pictures!

click for larger size

From our second visit to the OB last week. At that point it was about 2 centimeters long, and between ten and a half and eleven and half weeks along, depending on if you count by date of conception or by size.

We knew almost immediately that Monica was pregnant so for almost two month she’s been begging off drinks and making up medications that interfere with alchohol. At least one of our friends wasn’t fooled.

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We’re pregnant!

We’ve been to the doctor twice, and everything looks fine so far.  Due date is between June 18th or June 23rd depending on how you calculate it, our OB is calling it as the 22nd now based on the sonograms.  No gender determined yet, no twins, and no names we can agree on, but I am sure we’ll figure it out.

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