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Girl Power

Our second high resolution ultrasound very clearly shows we’re having a girl!  Monica was convinced we were having a boy, so now she has lots of reconsidering to do of nursery designs, crib bedding patterns, and I’m sure much else.  Everything looked good in the ultrasound, we saw all the chambers of her heart, her mouth and nose, and lots of little fingers and toes.

She was not cooperating with attempts to get a nice picture of her face, she has her head leaned back and her hands waving around in front!

Because her umbilical cord is one artery short of the usual number, we’ll probably have another hi-rez ultrasound in a couple months to make sure she’s developing normally, but the doctor was emphatic that because everything else looked great, there is no need for concern.  I’ll try to get some new pictures up soon!

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I think we have a name for the baby…

Lil’ Kicky.

I was even able to feel some action, though it could have been a punch.  Very rambunctious.

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