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Been busy, but here’s a little update…

Noa had her first visit to the doctor after coming home…  She is doing so well that the doctor told us to cancel the followup she had planned for a week later, and just come back in a month.  She’s gained over a pound from her lowest weight at the hospital, and likes to sleep for pretty long stretches.  We’re at the point where she really only wakes up once in the middle of the night, so if Mommy doesn’t need help, or Noa doesn’t wake daddy up, he’s been getting a pretty solid amount of sleep.  Mom tends to do pretty well, and passes Noa off to Dad after the 5 am meal to get a few more hours before breakfast.

Grammy is still here, and Auntie Erica has also arrived!

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Lucky girl…

Noa has been getting loads of presents from family and friends of all stripes – We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity people have been showing us.  In addition to loads of new stuff, we’ve enjoying lots of hand-me-down clothes and paraphernalia.    Here’s some more pics of Noa, including her recently acquired pre-owned ride.

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The full length motion picture debut!

And by full length, I mean about a minute.

(For some reason, the photo gallery I am using doesn’t always work well with video – If the video doesn’t work the first time you click it, just try again.  Usually it will work with a couple attempts.)

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More photos!

It’s been really great to be at home, and we’re loving having Noa in the house with us.  Monica had a painful, but not threatening, complication of the anaesthetic, but on our second day home, it had completely cleared up.  Noa is feeding (and voiding) like a pro, and Mom and Dad are getting used to managing a new life in the house.

Monica and Mike’s friend Priya came to visit, and Monica’s parents are here to help out and coo at Noa.  Photographic proof available by clicking on the little photo below…

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Home. Finally.

We are finally back home from the hospital… We knew it could be four nights from the beginning, but we had been hoping to be back after three. Though we are quite thankful that we didn’t run into anything to keep us even longer, it’s a giant relief to be back at the house, to say hi to the cats (and introduce them, slowly, to Noa) and have enough room to both lay down in one bed. Now where’s that nurse call button?

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That’s some father’s day…

Another batch of pics up – appropriately for shots mostly taken on Father’s Day, Michael is in a lot more photos.  There’s one in the batch where the family resemblance between father and daughter is quite striking.  Take a glance through and see if you can spot it.  

Michael got two father’s day cards.  One from Monica, and one from the cats.  I think Monica might have had something to do with the one from the cats.


A little more text to go with all those pictures…

We’ve been talking to some people about how the experience has been at the hospital, but I figured I would put some details up here. So far it’s been pretty good, and the delivery day itself was amazing. Monica was apprehensive about having surgery, both for all the things that can go awry as well as anticipating being apart from the baby and new daddy while she was in the operating room and recovering. Everything turned out amazing. The nurse-manager who did our initial interview that day asked if we had any requests, and specifically wanted to know if we would like the baby to stay in the operating room while the surgery was being completed. We had no idea that was a possibility, imagining that they had to perform tests on the baby and would want the room cleared out while they closed up the c-section. That was not at all the case, and in fact for the first 30 hours or so of her life, our baby had never been out of the same room with at least one of us. The second morning we were at the hospital, there was about a 90 second period when she had been wheeled to the nursery for some blood tests, and dad took a few moment to put some pants on before joining her there.

The day of the operation, the staff was great – the nurse that took over our case was incredibly friendly and confident, and the three of us were just joking around while she got all the information needed. She asked if we had any family coming the day of (“Not yet – they’re all at least 1000 miles away” “Perfect! You guys are doing it right – If they show up by surprise should I tell them you’re at another hospital?”) and talked about names and everything else. The anaesthesiology team was great, and they had Monica ready for the operation in about ten minutes with a lot less discomfort than she had anticipated.

While they set up for surgery and started the anaesthesia, Michael waited outside the operating room until they called him in to sit beside Monica, while the medical team performed the surgery on the other side of a screen. There was music playing, and we had the option to plug in our own iPod to play whatever we liked while the c-section was performed. Monica was wide awake, but numbed and immobile from her chest down. About ten minutes after Michael got settled, the anaesthesiologist told him to get his camera ready, and a minute later, the baby was being delivered! She took a few minutes to start crying, but no one was too worried, except Monica when they hadn’t said anything right after the delivery. After a few minutes of wiping and suctioning (and a little oxygen from a mask – now Michael got a little nervous) the baby took her first breath on her own. She was immediately very active, and a beautiful pink color spread out everywhere over her body. She cried a little while they took all the initial measurements right there in the operating room, and then she was swaddled and handed off to Dad. After another moment, she was laid on Mom’s chest, and the first family portrait was taken. Meanwhile, they were still closing up Monica on the other side of the screen. When that was done, less than a half hour after Monica first entered the operating room, all three went into a shared recovery room and waited for the private room to be ready. Monica started breast-feeding right then. Our nurse for the day helped instruct her on how to get the baby to latch on.

When our own room was ready, Michael and the baby went to the nursery for her first bath, and Monica was taken to the recovery room and given a delicious dinner of clear fluids (broth, jello, juice). This was after about two hours together after the delivery was complete. Michael and the baby were brought to the room after another 40 minutes or so – Monica had actually taken a little nap. We met our new nurse there who helped some more with breast feeding and took over the recovery for the night. Michael had a cot wheeled in after dinner, and so far has not left the hospital except to go get the luggage from the car and on Sunday to a cafe down the street for a legitimate cappuccino and chocolate croissant.

PS – I don’t know how often the blog will be updated down the road, but if you would like an email when there are new posts just send Mike a message…

PPS – A few more pictures added to the Day 2 photo gallery.

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Day 2…

Mom and baby are both feeling good, but tired.  Dad actually got a little bit more sleep last night.  Noa even had some visitors…

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Noa Josephine Ray Swanson Zurer

No hyphens, please.


Movie star!

Click the images to get to short videos – you may need to try a couple times before it plays properly.

A cutie right out of the gate

She didn’t like bath time much, though…

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