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More visitors come and gone…

We’ve been enjoying Michael’s time at home with the baby, as well as our out of town help…  The Zurer grandparents went back to DC, and a few days later the Chicago contingent came in for a few days.  Uncle Seth (“Tio Pepe”) and Aunt Kerensa (“Aunt Kerensa”) had a great visit and left behind some beautiful lasagna!  No pictures of the lasagna, and sadly, most of Michael’s photos of Aunt Kerensa didn’t come out – We hope Tio Pepe has some good ones to share, though.

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A little update and advertisement for real cameras

We’ve got a bunch of photos from the week or so since I last updated, but here’s a set from a friend who came to visit and brought a camera with an actual lens on it.  Thanks Debbie, and sorry for making the only photo with a soft focus the poster frame.  But it’s just too cute!

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Email subscription

I’m trying email subscription to the blog – On the right hand side of the page is a place to enter your email address.  Follow the instructions and you should receive a message any day that I update the blog!

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When Joan Swanson was here, she took some photos as well…  

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More visitors!

Michael’s parents have arrived for a visit!  

Noa is well, but at her visit to the orthopedist, it was determined that she suffers from a touch of hip dysplasia.  The days after delivery the doctors suspected that she may require treatment, and after doing another ultrasound, Noa was fitted for a brace that will help her hips work a little better.  This has made her a little sad, and when Noa is sad, so are her parents.  But she seems to be getting accustomed to it, and by catching it early, the great likelihood is that her hips will develop normally after a few months in the brace.

Enough of that, here’s some more pictures:

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