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Last installment of Debbie’s photos

Here’s some selections from Debbie’s last batch of pictures…  Mostly out next to our house.   So you can get a pretty good idea of what color we did the stucco.

Noa also had a follow-up visit with the orthopedist and is totally cleared from wearing her brace, though we’ll be keeping an eye on her hips for a while to come.  She’s really enjoying stretching out her legs though!

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More pics from Debbie…

Here’s a selection of the photos she took, and these she spent some time working on adjustments.

You may have noticed Noa is without her brace in these pictures.  She’s been out of it for about a week and we have another doctor’s appointment next week to see if she can stay out! Our fingers are crossed – At the last visit the ultrasound of her hips looked pretty much normal, so if she doesn’t regress we hope it’s the end of it.

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Debbie returns…

My friend Debbie came back over and took some more absolutely beautiful pictures.  She didn’t want to let too many out until she had a chance to do some adjustments, but she let us have a few to look at while we wait…

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And another movie!

She sneezes!


Been a while…

Michael went back to work, and Monica’s been having nannies come over, so it’s been a little busy, but here’s a few pics, focussed mostly on post-shower Noa.  She likes a nice warm shower much more than the sponge baths she’d been having before!

(There are definitely some issues with red-eye in some of these pics, but she is cute nevertheless)

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